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Co-op dollars are made available by suppliers to encourage the advertiser to promote that supplier’s products in the local market. This allows dealers the opportunity to tie in with national creative ad campaign at a nominal cost. It insures that consumers looking for the supplier’s brand will consider doing business with local advertisers. It means that the local advertiser will have a larger budget with which to work, making ads and expanded as programs more affordable. We specialize in helping our clients utilize their accrued advertising dollars in all forms of media such as: newspaper, radio, yellow pages, television and Internet. We are a complete turnkey program and have helped utilized thousands of co-op dollars.

Billions of dollars aimed at helping businesses stretch their advertising budgets are going unclaimed each year because many owners don't know about co-op advertising, recent industry studies have revealed.

A relatively unknown form of advertising, co-op is a cost-sharing arrangement in which manufacturers and suppliers provide financial assistance for customers' advertising programs. 
It can often make the difference in whether or not a small business can afford to advertise at all.

Use It or Lose It


Co-op advertising works in a number of ways.

For example, a retailer can buy goods from a manufacturer and accrue co-op funds based on the amount of purchase. Those funds can be returned in the form of a cash rebate, a credit to the retailer's account or in products.

"If a beauty salon purchases Matrix products and features Matrix in their advertising, and if it is a registered Matrix dealer, the salon will be eligible for reimbursement in beauty products based on the amount of purchase.

"Both Matrix and the salon will benefit. The salon will make a higher profit on those products it received as reimbursement, and Matrix will receive broader market coverage through the salon's advertising. Co-op advertising is growing; we're seeing more and more Co-op programs available. Co-op should be an integral part of every company's advertising budget - especially during difficult economic times.

"Most of the time, you have to advertise according to their guidelines. For example, some won't allow you to mention another company in your ad. Others will pay for a percentage of advertising space, so you can run the names of other manufacturers who will pay a percentage as well."


No two companies' co-op advertising plans are exactly alike. They may differ on method of reimbursement, use of logo, whether competitors are allowed, and on prior approval. Each firm also has it’s own application method. Your suppliers may already have provided you with the
relevant details. "Nine out of 10 companies send their customers information about using
their co-op advertising programs, but many don't have a clue about co-op so they just file
it away,"
Some of the participating CO-OP manufacturers include: Aprilaire, Firestone/Bridgestone, Delta, Heat & Glo, Kohler, Larson Storm Windows & Doors, Milwaukee, and several thousands more.


Most national brands have it.
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Source Yellow Pages Association