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Using multimedia such as animation and video to deliver your message can be much more effective then just standard text and images. Flash websites are a thing of the past because they are not search engine friendly and because flash does not work on iPods and iPhones. However, flash is still the best way to create some of the most complex motions and interactivity. Given the limitations of flash, in most cases, we recommend animation which utilizes jquery and css to create motion, fading and other simple effects. One common animation is what we call a slider. Photos and text built into "slides" move from left to right pausing for a short period of time allowing visitors to view the slide before the next one is leaded. The text inside these slider animations is indexible by the search engines. This gives us the ability to pack lots of keywords into a small space. Sliders are often used on the homepage of a website to showcase the most important services, or features of a company.

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