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Video Game Development

The wide spread use of mobile phones has led to an increase in the demand for entertainment options on the mobile phone. The enhancements in mobile phone technologies and the ease with which games can be accessed and played have led to the popularity of mobile games. Media Genius helps clients in cashing on this booming industry by offering its services in designing and developing a whole range of games that can be played though the micro-browser in-built with the phone. At iWebSurf, J2ME (a JAVA Programming Language developed by Sun Microsystems that has been optimized for portable devices such as mobile phones, PDA etc) is the just one of the programming languages used for developing mobile games because of its portability and compatibility with various handsets. In designing games for mobile phones we keep in mind the limitations of the medium (such as small screen size, limited processing power etc). mobile games development india, mobile phone game programming.

Types of Mobile Games The range of mobile games that we can develop includes the following:

  • Puzzle Games

  • Word Games

  • Betting Games

  • Multi player Games

  • Board Games

  • Card Games

Why Media Genius? At Media Genius , we design and develop highly interactive solutions for mobile gaming. We can include m-commerce functionality in our mobile gaming solution providing clients with opportunities to earn revenue. M-commerce functionality enables users to make online payments. Betting games can be developed using this functionality. Features that require online transactions can be built into the solution using m-commerce. The main aim of mobile games is to provide mobile users with a means to pass time. Instead of reliance on high end graphics etc, the stress is on developing simple yet addictive games.

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